Saturday, November 13, 2010

To be included..

Today is a work day for me, because it's Saturday, I don't have a real job anyway, and I've got things to do.

We gotta hit up the hardware store to make a frame for the projection screen for my room. I'll be sure to document it's construction and post results. It's going to be a 4' x 10' screen, using blackout fabric. DIY on the cheap.

I gotta get some treats for my turtle Yoshi. He's a common snapping turtle I caught in Maine, and raised from about the size of a quarter to the size of a blackberry now. He's been kinda sluggish lately, but I think it's the winter setting in. The heat was just turned on, so he should perk back up.

I also have to experiment with some of my guitars, I want to run my amp direct into a mixing board and see how it effects the tone. The speaker out's fuse cap is missing, so its difficult to use with a speaker cabinet, but I think Direct Out should allow me to use it live.

I have an epiphone Flying V I want to refurb as well, that will be a long process however.

I also plan to catalog my vast array of useless Pink Floyd shit. I have a bunch, boarding on obsession, although nothing too glorious for internet standards, but I'd like to go through it and nostalg out for a while. Expect in depth vinyl reviews.

Maybe later on I'll hook my real stereo back up, before I head out for the night to a show downtown.

Well, that's how my saturday looks ready to flesh out.


  1. You should upload pictures of your turtle!

  2. pretty awesome, thanks for sharing

  3. this is a good follow up entry to your last one

  4. Your life sounds like fun...NO real job? do tell

    and looking forward to the diy project... In my experience diy is cheap but I'm no good at actually completing task

  5. Your turtle was the size of a quarter? :O